What’s the Magic Number? How much should you pay as an HOA for landscape management in North Florida?

HOA Landscaping Costs

The cost of Homeowners Association (HOA) landscaping in North Florida can vary based on several factors. Here are seven key considerations when determining how much to pay for HOA landscaping services: 1. Size of the Property The size of the community or property managed by the HOA will significantly impact the cost. Larger properties with…

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Lawnmower Peril: When Landscape Companies Fail Their Employees

When Landscape Companies Fail Their Employees

In the quiet, well-manicured suburbs of our nation, the drone of commercial lawnmowers is a familiar soundtrack. These machines, with their roaring engines and spinning blades, are the unsung heroes of lush lawns and meticulously landscaped properties. But what happens when a landscape company neglects the safety and professionalism of its employees, allowing them to…

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How do lawn care contracts work in Florida?

Lawn care companies can secure contracts with business owners to guarantee hired services. This is a popular way to provide a “set it and forget it” service to a Duval County or St. Johns County business owner. While having a contract can be a benefit, a short-term or long-term agreement might be very different depending…

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Lawn Care Tips In Early Spring For Businesses

Many business lawns are forgotten about in the spring months. Good tips for managing grass are hard to find. TLC is an industry expert in the lawn care industry in Florida. By taking note of these early spring lawn care tips for businesses, maintaining a lawn through all seasons will be easier. 1. BASIC WINTER…

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TLC Total Lawn Care Featured In Landscape Management Magazine

Landscape Management Magazine Feature

Over 30 years of hard work, dedication, and passion and we’re starting to get some attention! Back in February the folks over at Landscape Management interviewed us about several of the products we’ve created as well as our commercial landscaping endeavors. Total Lawn Care’s goal is to be each client’s favorite vendor, Bob Hawkinson says.…

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