Lawn Care Tips In Early Spring For Businesses

December 4, 2018

Many business lawns are forgotten about in the spring months. Good tips for managing grass are hard to find. TLC is an industry expert in the lawn care industry in Florida. By taking note of these early spring lawn care tips for businesses, maintaining a lawn through all seasons will be easier.


Fertilization is the key to having an above average looking landscape. When the right chemicals are utilized, the risk of disease from insects is drastically lowered. In the earliest spring months, grass that has been fertilized properly will have had a chance to re-grow.

By clearing out overgrown areas or picking up dead wood and leaves before winter, natural germination will take place. Spring is the time when new grass takes root. By getting a handle on pre-winter maintenance, good preparation will result in a healthy lawn.


Too many people begin cutting lawns early. The result is disastrous. Until grass can mature, it is best to wait to cut. When the full green color emerges after winter, this is the best time to mow. The only way to find the freshly grown seed is to begin removing leaves. Raking and removal of fallen leaves will kick-start growth of any lawn.

Too much acid in the soil will cause problems during growth. TLC performs pH testing on lawns in Florida. Companies of every size can use this method to determine the health of a lawn. Once testing is over, a fertilizing campaign or other procedure can begin.


Herbicides are what can kill the most pesky weeds. Applying the correct amount and follow-up treatment is the best way to kill spring time weeds. Pre-emergent systems can be put into action after the cooler months have ended, If grass has not been treated in the fall, March to May is the time to neutralize mature weeds.

Seeding is another good way to fill up patches of dead lawns. While there are probably green areas, it is more common to find yellow or brown spots that need new seed. Once treatments have been undertaken for de-weeding, an over-seeding campaign will make new grass grow.


A precise removal of thatch is the only way to keep soil from being restricted. Dethatching is a prevention technique to stop the strangling of nutrients to new grass. The aeration services provided by TLC Total Lawn Care gets rid of compacted soil through dethachers. The removal of thatch buildup is crucial to helping lawns become healthier.

Both warm season and cool season lawn can be aerated. When issues are minimized, new seeding can germinate and begin to grow as expected. The best way to a more healthier landscape is to hire a professional that knows what improvements to make.


Most new growth of a lawn needs about one-inch of water per week. Watering through a hose or sprinkler system are good methods. Without giving a lawn too much fluid, regular intervals are always recommended. One of the final parts of lawn care maintenance during spring is the removal and control of insects.

Moles, mice and some hard-to-see insects destroy greenery every year. Pest control is something often over looked when it comes to landscape design and maintenance in FL. Keeping pests and insects at bay while grass is beginning to mature into the summer months is crucial.


TLC Total Lawn Care is the most experienced and trusted company in Duval County, Nassau County and St Johns. Companies throughout the North Florida area recommend and choose us for commercial landscape design and maintenance annually.


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