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      Don’t let your lawn and landscape drive your customers away. We offer custom-tailored lawn care services for businesses of all types in the Jacksonville area. Whether you have a large, sprawling lawn or a small lot, our team of irrigation professionals is here to help keep your property in top-notch shape.

      Serving Jacksonville Since 1983

      Proper Irrigation Helps Maintain A Healthy & Efficient Landscape

      TLC Total Lawn Care stands as a trusted partner for Jacksonville businesses seeking top-tier irrigation services. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our seasoned experts offer a comprehensive suite of irrigation solutions designed to elevate landscapes and uphold sustainability. At TLC Total Lawn Care, we merge expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of Jacksonville's unique climate to provide businesses with irrigation services that transform outdoor spaces into vibrant, water-efficient showcases of professionalism.

      • Dedicated Account Managers
      • Bi-Monthly Check-ins and Service Reviews
      • Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Schedules
      • Professional Trucks and Team Aesthetics
      • Skilled Technicians
      • Fully Licensed & Insured
      • Irrigation Contractors (SCC 131152921)
      irrigation audit

      Irrigation Audits

      Our comprehensive irrigation audits evaluate businesses' watering practices, pinpointing inefficiencies and recommending tailored solutions to reduce water waste and lower costs, ensuring landscapes stay vibrant while promoting sustainability.

      irrigation repairs

      Repairs & Maintenance

      Offering businesses ongoing maintenance packages to manage routine checks, repairs, and adjustments, ensuring consistent system performance. We address any irrigation system issues, ensuring uninterrupted water supply to business landscapes, allowing them to flourish and reflect professionalism. 

      Commercial Irrigation Services

      Irrigation Installs

      Our skilled team designs and installs state-of-the-art irrigation systems for businesses, customizing layouts and integrating advanced technology to deliver precise and efficient water distribution, fostering healthy landscapes that make lasting impressions.

      irrigation zones

      Zone Optimization

      Through strategic zone optimization, we fine-tune irrigation systems for businesses, guaranteeing uniform coverage and optimal watering schedules that enhance greenery, conserve water, and uphold the visual allure of the property.

      How A Professionally Installed Irrigation System Benefits Your Business

      A thoughtfully designed and professionally installed irrigation system brings multifaceted benefits to a business's lawn and landscape. By ensuring precise water distribution, the system promotes efficient hydration, conserving water and minimizing costs through smart technologies that adapt watering schedules to actual needs.

      This not only saves time but also nurtures consistently lush vegetation, enhancing the property's aesthetic appeal and value. The system's tailored approach supports healthy plant growth and root development while preventing damage and erosion, all while adhering to regulatory compliance and reducing long-term expenses.

      In essence, an effective irrigation system creates a vibrant, sustainable, and attractive outdoor space that reflects a commitment to both environmental responsibility and a professional image.


      Custom-Tailored Irrigation Services

      Our services begin with meticulous irrigation audits, identifying opportunities to enhance water efficiency and reduce costs, all while ensuring lush, thriving greenery. From tailored irrigation system installations, seamlessly blending advanced technology and expert design, to rapid-response repair and maintenance that guarantees uninterrupted water supply, TLC Total Lawn Care is dedicated to creating landscapes that leave a lasting impression.

      STEP ONE


      One of our account managers meets with you to walk through your property, go over your specific irrigation needs, and draft a custom-tailored plan specifically for your business.

      STEP ONE

      STEP TWO


      We schedule our services around your operation, ensuring proper care is administered for your property and we do not disturb your customers or tenants.

      STEP TWO



      We deploy our technicians on our agreed-upon schedule that best suits your business irrigation installation and maintenance needs. 



      Follow Ups

      We schedule monthly and bi-monthly in-person follow-ups with your dedicated account manager to ensure our services are up to your standards.


      So pleased with this service. They really give it their all and go above and beyond. Chad and Anuedy are so customer-oriented. They are very meticulous and caring of what the customer's needs are and how to bring about the best possible results. Great service!

      A Mich

      Google Review

      We've Got Your Lawn & landscape Covered

      Other Services We Provide For Businesses Like Yours

      With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we understand the crucial role that a well-maintained outdoor space plays in creating a positive impression and conducive atmosphere for your business. Our team of seasoned experts possesses an in-depth understanding of the local climate, soil conditions, and plant species, allowing us to tailor our services to the unique needs of your property. 

      Lawn Care

      Lawn Care

      Professional lawn mowing services for businesses ensure consistent grass height and a polished look, enhancing curb appeal and providing a well-maintained outdoor environment for clients and employees.

      Commercial Lawn Care Services »
      Commercial Landscaping Services

      Landscaping Services

      Proper mulching, the right mulch material, and thoughtfully chosen mulch colors all play a crucial role in creating a visually appealing and well-managed landscape for a business. Mulching helps frame plants, provide contrast and color harmony, suppress weeds, and define borders around your landscape.

      Commercial Landscaping Services »
      landscape design

      Landscape Design

      By combining elements that align with the business's brand, purpose, and values, a creative approach to landscape design can capture attention, create a unique identity, and make a lasting impression on visitors, clients, and employees. We design distinctive themes and unique plant selections around the specific needs of your business.

      Business Landscape Design »

      Lawn Fertilization

      Proper fertilization of landscaping and lawns is a proactive investment that goes beyond aesthetics. By providing essential nutrients and care, fertilization helps enhance growth, curb appeal, and the longevity of the investment in your landscaping and lawn.

      Lawn Fertilization Services »
      Lawn Pest Control Services

      Lawn Pest Control

      Remove and prevent pests that damage your lawn and landscaping to protect your business's investment. Our team of pest control applicators is fully licensed, certified, and insured.

      Lawn Pest Control Services »
      Commercial Mulching Services


      Proper mulching, the right mulch material, and thoughtfully chosen mulch colors all play a crucial role in creating a visually appealing and well-managed landscape for a business. Mulching helps frame plants, provide contrast and color harmony, suppress weeds, and define borders around your landscape.

      Commercial Mulch Services »


      Medical Centers
      Assisted Living Facilities
      Dental Practices
      Urgent Care



      Hotels & Motels
      Restaurants & Bars
      Entertainment Venues
      Sports Complexes
      BNB & Lodging



      Technical Schools
      Private Schools
      Tutoring Centers

      Real Estate

      Real Estate

      Property Management
      Homeowner's Associations
      Apartment Complexes
      Agencies & Brokerages
      Construction Companies



      Logistics & Shipping
      Distribution Centers
      Industrial Parks
      Energy Companies
      Technology & Innovaction



      Credit Unions
      Insurance Providers
      Investment Companies
      Consulting Firms

      Types Of Businesses We Serve

      You've Got A Business To Run, Leave The Lawn To Us

      Businesses in the Jacksonville area spanning various sectors, including commercial properties, corporate campuses, hospitality establishments, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and retail centers, can all derive substantial benefits from professional irrigation services. With Jacksonville's warm climate and unique soil conditions, expertly designed and installed irrigation systems ensure efficient water usage, fostering vibrant and well-maintained landscapes that make positive first impressions on clients, customers, and employees.

      These systems conserve water through smart technology and customized watering schedules, saving on utility costs and aligning with the region's water conservation initiatives. Whether enhancing curb appeal, promoting environmental responsibility, or elevating the overall ambiance, professional irrigation services cater to a diverse array of businesses seeking sustainable and visually appealing outdoor spaces.

      Client Testimonials

      Real reviews from real clients on Google.

      Nicole Peragine
      Google Review

      In dealing with many lawn care companies in the past this experience is unbeatable! My yard looks like a golf course. Each month and after service they give clear instructions on how to maintain property properly. Oh yeah, and they also pay attention to detail. My gates are securely closed when they leave. Payments couldn’t be easier. I cannot say enough great things about this company. I sincerely thank you and your staff for true diligence and hard work!!!!

      Thomas Beaty
      Google Review

      I’ve known and worked with Jim , Bob and TLC for several years now. What I know about TLC and the people: they are VERY honest (what they say, they do), they VERY much insist on quality work and reasonably priced (insisting on being better than the competition), and VERY knowledgeable in their industry – and equally important to me, they are willing (even eager) to work with me and to answer any of my questions! It is absolutely a pleasure to work with TLC. They are the best!

      Nancy Wines
      Google Review

      I was extremely pleased with the work done on my yard by this very professional business. Chris came out to give me an estimate on what needed to be done and listened to my needs and didn’t try to oversell what I wanted done. The work was scheduled promptly and the people who worked on my yard did a great job despite the extremely hot weather. I am happy to recommend them to anyone needing professional landscaping.

      G. Davis
      Google Review

      I have managed a business property for 8 years now and have gone through 3 smaller operations to service our lawn maintenance needs. After years of unreliable service, I wanted something a step up. I got that with TLC and more and at a competitive rate. Our property hasn't looked better than it looks now and I am constantly impressed by the dedication by the employees.

      Doris Oneill
      Google Review

      They were very professional they came on time and did my landscape. Great job looks beautiful I highly recommend them. Left everything real nice and clean. They were a little on the expensive side compared to other companies, but they were the only ones that were able to do it before June. I have no regrets!!

      A Mich
      Google Review

      So pleased with this service. They really give it their all and go above and beyond. Chad and Anuedy are so customer oriented. They are very meticulous and caring of what the customer's needs are and how to bring about the best possible results. Great service!

      Twigg T/C
      Google Review

      As a company that has worked with Total Lawn Care for several years, We find them to be trustworthy, reliable and a wonderful company to work with. The properties that they service always look awesome and they always conduct themselves in a very professional manner.

      Bobby Hartley
      Google Review

      TLC has been a staple of quality and character for as far back as I can remember. Bob is much older so it’s really hard to say :). Seriously though these guys have provided my business with an exceptional service and product for over 30 years in Orange Park, Florida. It’s much more than simply making tall grass short.

      Mark Golwich
      Google Review

      Bob and TLC are fantastic! Experienced and professional, these guys get the job done right. That's why they've been around so long, and have such a solid reputation.

      Shaunn Crook
      Google Review

      I highly recommend TLC. I have always found them to be very responsive and honest. They do high quality work and they are very professional and knowledgeable. They are the best in the industry.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Have a question? Customer satisfaction is our top priority! Take a look at some of these frequently asked questions about our irrigation services. Don't see the answer you're looking for? Contact us today.

          A professional irrigation system offers numerous benefits, including efficient water distribution, healthier landscapes, and time savings. It enhances your property's curb appeal, supports plant growth, and aligns with sustainability goals while ultimately reducing water consumption and costs.

          Signs of a system in need of attention include uneven water coverage, dry or oversaturated areas, high water bills, or visible leaks. TLC Total Lawn Care can conduct an assessment to determine whether repair, maintenance or an upgrade is necessary.

          Smart irrigation systems use sensors and data to adjust watering schedules based on factors like weather, soil moisture, and plant needs. This technology optimizes water usage, reduces waste, and adapts to changing conditions, saving resources and money.

          Regular maintenance is crucial. Scheduling quarterly checks with our account managers is recommended, with additional visits during peak growing seasons. Maintenance includes inspecting, cleaning, and repairing components to ensure proper functioning and longevity.

          Absolutely. Professional irrigation systems can be designed with different zones, each with its own watering schedule and type of irrigation, to cater to various plant needs, sun exposure, and soil conditions.

          Yes, many existing systems can be upgraded with water-efficient components like smart controllers, pressure regulators, and efficient nozzles to improve water distribution and reduce consumption.

          Yes, a well-maintained landscape with an efficient irrigation system can enhance your property's aesthetic appeal, potentially attracting more customers, clients, and tenants and ultimately increasing its value.

          Each service is custom-tailored to your business's specific needs, seasons, and types of plants in your landscape. Contact one of our account managers today to schedule an in-person consultation and get a quote.

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