Top 10 Benefits of Commercial Weed Control Services

December 4, 2018


Effective control of weed growth in North Florida is just one of the many commercial services available. While cutting a lawn does reduce the appearance of harmful weeds, it does not prevent the problem from happening again. As a company owner, it can be a little confusing when searching online for a Jacksonville based landscaping company to hire. On this page, you will find 10 reasons why weed control is essential for your North Florida business.


The average homeowner depends on products purchased at a home improvement store to prevent growth of weeds. Small business owners may not be able to use certain pesticides or herbicides due to environmental concerns in the city limits. Controlling weeds at the commercial level requires commercial lawn weed control products that are approved for safety.


Soil can be quickly turned into a hotbed for pest growths, algae and insects that can quickly destroy lovely shrubs and flowers. When a standard topical herbicide is not effective, an experienced company will likely conduct soil testing to make sure that the actual problem is solved once and for all. This ensures that only the correct fertilizers and organic products are used.


The level of organic matter that is present inside of soil is what causes trees, bushes and other plant life to grow correctly. A good balance of organics can improve the quality of soil without disrupting the environment or ecological system. After a soil test confirms the issue, experts will be able to provide a maintenance routine to raise the organic matter levels to a higher point to stimulate growth.


In Duval County and St. Johns County, there at least six popular grass types. The list includes St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, Bahia grass and Zoysia grass. Weeds can quickly strangle and prevent these types from growing to their fullest potential. Using the right maintenance, good grass will continue to grow free from weeds and contaminants.


Because all grass is different, there are separate cutting lengths that should be used for a commercial landscape. Cutting grass at the wrong height actually can harm the growth pattern. Hiring a professional to get rid of weeds and that knows how to cut and prune properly is what can make a lawn attractive in a business district.


All lawns have a certain pH level that must be maintained to rid the soil of contamination. There are some sprays that do not work well for plant life although do prevent weed growth. By using certified organic sprays to improve the lawn, pest control will be more effective and delicate flowers will not be harmed in the process.


There is a lot more to using a Weed Eater to make a sidewalk or walkway look great. It takes a good design to provide the best symmetry when plants are first placed into the ground. Growth of weeds can be controlled with a regular schedule of edging that is performed by a professional.


How are mulch beds used to control weeds? The mulch keeps the soil moist and will prevent protrusion of weeds. Treatment is still needed from time to time to stop unwanted growths from overtaking a flowerbed or shrub area. Good mulch maintenance will prevent Elephant Ear, Dogfennel, Coffeeweed, Candy Weed, Buttonbush and other damaging weeds from becoming a nuisance.


Weeds can only become a problem once they have germinated and have matured. While small business owners might know about post emergent weed extraction, few might be aware of a pre-emergent process. This procedure targets the soil and stops the germinating process of almost all types of unwanted growths that destroy beds of mulch and beautiful gardens.


In a recent Forbes study, it has been proven that consumers make a decision to conduct business with a company after only seven seconds. A lawn that is in OK shape but not perfect might hurting sales. Tapping into the experience of a professional that can manage a lawn correctly will help boost consumer confidence and typically lead to more repeat sales.


TLC has transformed the lawns and exterior landscapes of companies for more than 30 years. To get a free quote for a one-time or extended service package, using the quotation system on this page or call the number that is represented. Get the landscape that your customers will love by incorporating expert assistance today.

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