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Bob Hawkinson

Founder & CEO


Owner of TLC- Total Lawn Care, Inc. Inventor of Weed Recede®,EcoBoundary®, SpeedyPaver™ Zero Waste Weed Barrier Mulch Bag Systems. THE BAG HELPS BLOCK WEEDS! Gutter Guppys™ very effective downspout dampeners. WeedRecede®️ astm tested soil biodegradable weed barrier film for gardens and agriculture. After disintegration, tested fully soil biodegradable in 90 days by ASTM D5988.
Simplifying the process of Mulching and Weed Management in Landscape Beds and Gardens.
Patented New Technology …Easy Open Bag is the Weed Barrier.

Weed Recede® makes it Easier to install Mulch, Compost, Soil, Rock, Rubber, and Paver Underlay.
Eliminate the BILLIONS of Single Use Plastic Mulch Bags and 100’s of thousands of acres of singe use agricultural plastic used annually that are destined for our Landfills and Oceans.

Weed Recede® ….Soil and water biodegradable weed barrier mulch bags and agricultural film. Eliminates plastic bag waste, helps block weeds, and reduces herbicide needs. Back Yard Compostable Weed Barrier bags help Reduce herbicide usage, Retain Moisture, and Block Weeds. Powered by Recede BioPlastics™ which can be used to do coatings, extrusions, film etc etc.

EcoBoundary™ ..Instant Rock Border System… The Fastest, Easiest way to install a Rock Border and Recyclable Weed Barrier around your home or building.

ColorPocket™ Instant Flower Beds… Plant Through Garden Bags ..A Fast Easy way to install Garden plants, Vegetables, and Flower Beds with a Back Yard compostable Weed Barrier.

SpeedyPaver™ EZ Underlay System…made from Recyclable Weed Cloth make that weekend Paver job a breeze. The absolutely easiest way to install Weed Cloth and Paver Underlay for your backyard paver project.

Weed Recede® Mulch Bags…Back Yard Compostable Weed Barrier bags help Reduce herbicide usage, Retain Moisture, and Block Weeds.

Gutter Guppys ™ A Patented simple, effective, and very smart way to eliminate the problems with downspout erosion. A huge improvement over old school splash-blocks. Check out the video at …its pretty amazing how effective Gutter Guppys ™ are.

Soil Biodegradable Agricultural Film. Can be tilled in at the end of the growing season and doesn’t create hundreds of pounds of plastic waste/acre every season.
Currently Looking to License with Manufacturers/Retailers. Protected by (7) United States/Canadian Utility Patents and multiple Patents Pending.
Available for license.

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