Landscaping helps your business where it counts. On the Bottom Line!

December 6, 2018


What’s the first thing your visitors see when they approach your building? The Landscape! Your landscape invites customers and potential tenants to come in for a closer look. Your image is established before they even get to the front door.

Landscapes increase Rental Rates

Rental rates at Del Mar Plaza in San Diego were about double the rates charged by neighboring storefronts— and 20% above other high-quality retail locations. Asked why, the developers cited landscaping. Their carefully designed project uses landscaping to create an oasis in the midst of a busy shopping district. Strategically placed trees and plantings block street noise and highlight desirable views.

They deliver returns that justify the investment

What influences do building and urban design have on occupancy rates?
That’s what researcher Joel Goldsteen decided to find out. His study showed that “Landscape amenities had the highest correlations with occupancies…landscaping amenities pay back the developer as evidenced by the higher occupancies (and rents) that clearly justify this kind of investment.”

They Block Sights and Sounds

Carefully planned landscapes can cut noise in half! Trees and plantings can block unpleasant views and block street sounds. Strategically placed trees can turn even the worst view into a scenic delight. And since landscapes also absorb noise, tenants are able to enjoy peace and quiet.

And They Create A Sense of Community

At the Woodlands, a 122 lot development in Minnesota, landscaping successfully created a sense of community. As a result, buyers willingly paid 1% more for these lots. Over the course of the project, this premium translates into about $600,000 in additional revenue.

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