Commercial Lawn & Landscaping Services In St. Augustine

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A great lawn means everything to your business.

Building the perfect St. Augustine area lawn takes time. Regardless of what some people believe, there is no overnight treatment that will produce excellent results. It is stressful enough owning a business in North Florida. Having to worry about which lawn company to choose is just extra pressure. All landscaping companies provide a general grass cutting service. It is the results that really matter. TLC is one of the top St. Augustine lawn care providers that works together with business owners to create visually stimulating lawns.

Weed control is a precise process to remove and keep weeds from returning. This has nothing to do with mowing a lawn. As a business owner, wasting time watering a lawn to try and make it green is a mistake some people make. A strict schedule of maintenance is what provides the best results. Satisfied business owners in City Center, Old Town, North Davis Shores, Magnolia, San Sebastian, Nelmar Terrace, Lighthouse Park and other neighborhoods already know how important lawn care is in St. Augustine.

Commercial Landscape Design in St. Augustine

Most people have no idea what liming means. The watering, aeration, seeding and sodding frequencies are foreign to many company owners. While a person can spot what a good lawn looks like, the average person has no idea what work is involved to get desired results. Professional landscape design is what prevents lawn issues and what keeps lawn in excellent condition year round. Things like crabgrass or goosegrass can creep up near walkways, flower gardens and stone pathways that are located outside of a business.

Insect control is part of what makes a lawn look green. When bugs and pests are removed, a lawn has the chance to grow naturally. A chinch bug that ruins flowers can be removed through proper control routines. TLC supplies St. Johns County business owners with a targeted schedule of maintenance. Once a landscape is designed, the right schedule of landscape maintenance is what will attract customers to visit any company. A price estimate for all services available can be retrieved on this website.

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