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A great lawn means everything to your business.

Hiring the right lawn care company in Middleburg, FL is a big decision. There are plenty of corporate advertisements that showcase what large companies can do. What these ads do not tell business owners is that a lot of short cuts are taken by landscaping companies. TLC provides corporate approved full service commercial lawn care services in Middleburg. Some companies in Jacksonville just do not want to travel more than 15 minutes to take care of customer laws.

Commercial cutting is not very similar to residential cutting. Where a property owner might have a lawn disease issue, a business owner might need palm pruning or shrub design. Creating the right visual appear to attract consumers is no easy task. Ordering a general lawn care service package might be a mistake for a company owner who expects a little more than average results. When dealing with a company with more than 30 years of experience, the expected results are achieved on the first try.

Lawn Care and Maintenance in Middleburg, Florida

Fertilization is often needed once a lawn has new sod that is installation. Pre-treating the area is usually needed. A disease-free start will usually help produce much better results. A good watering pattern and regular treatments will produce the green look that so many business owners appreciate. The TLC services do include irrigation, fertilizing, disease control and sod installations.

If it is edging that appeals to consumers, then weed control is a necessary service. When weeds take over walkways and driveways, it is harder to get to the roots to kill the problem. Because lawns that are diseased attract more insects, a lawn that was once green can be brown or burned up quickly. A well though out weed control plan will stop weeds from destroying flower gardens and other walkable areas in the front of a business.

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