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A great lawn means everything to your business.

Success starts on the outside and on the inside of a business. One trait that all businesses that are thriving in Duval County have is a maintained landscape. Because climate and bugs each attack a lawn differently, there is no push button solution that works for every business owner. Lawns need to be treated carefully in order to get the best results. TLC provides what could be the most professional team of lawn service providers South of Jacksonville, FL.

The white grub. The fire ant. The chinch bug. The army worm. These are the 4 types of bugs destroying most lawns in Fleming Island. When combined with leaf spots and weeds, a lawn will never look its best. Targeting crabgrass, nutsedge and dollar-weed takes a coordinated approach. A mixture of experience, the right fertilizers and pest control products is part of what transforms dingy lawns into green masterpieces. Someone who asks how much is grass cutting services in Fleming Island will find the answer at TLC.

Fleming Island Commercial Lawn Services

Even during a warm winter, a lawn will still begin to deteriorate. Some companies worry about manicuring grass and weed growth only in the summer time when business is booming. Smart owners of businesses know that a weekly, monthly or year-round approach is best. Since prices are different at every company, a price cannot be put on perfection. It is the results that count and not the regular work schedule for commercial landscaping.

The right soil and grass mixture is what brings out flower gardens, walkways and flowerbeds in Florida. This accomplishment can only be derived from a company that understands how to apply professional techniques. All of the TLC staff is trained and certified to work with organic fertilizers. From water irrigation services to exterior design, the right service is available to Fleming Island business owners seeking lawn maintenance services. To get a quote in price for each service, call the number or use the automated tool on this webpage.

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