Landscape & Lawncare Maintenance

It All Starts Here

Our Approach to Your Needs

Our high-quality commercial landscape maintenance program begins with understanding your need and objectives. Based on your feedback, we develop a custom-tailored maintenance program for your specific property, a program that matches your preferences, horticultural need and your budget.

  • Maintenance of turf, shrubs and trees
  • Renovating / enhancement of existing plantings
  • Fertilization and pest control
  • Irrigation and water management
  • Seasonal color design and installation
  • Mulch
  • Tree pruning, staking and care, and more…

How Our Team Properly Maintains Your Property



Mowing will make your lawn beautiful. We mow at the proper heights, using the sharpest blades. We also maintain the appropriate schedule to keep the grass from thinning itself out, no matter what the weather.



Edging helps maintain symmetry and an extremely clean finished look for your property. The sharp lines complement any landscaping and we use the highest quality edgers, no weed eaters and cutting corners for us.



Well shaped, full shrubs don’t just happen. We use professionally sharpened and tested pruner blades to help minimize the tearing and browning leaves. Utilizing proper training and technical pruning, we help reinvigorate a tired landscape.



Beds don’t clean themselves. We apply pre-emergents two times a year to help keep weeds from starting. Post emergents are applied weekly to kill spreading weeds. Weeds are also pulled on a weekly basis to maintain a quality appearance.

Keep your turf fresh and green with TLC